Brenda…or Whatever

(Photo: Eddie Furth as Silas Bookington playing Rutherford B. Hayes, and Bradley Laborman as Brenda. Source: IMDb. © Bradman Media Unlimited, 2019)

Brenda: Live or Whatever, a talk show parody starring The Chunky Zeta‘s Bradley Laborman as Brenda, has dropped its first three half-hours on Amazon.

The series is set in a fictional public access studio in Los Angeles.

Guests on Brenda’s talk show include best friend Penny Katz, (Verified’s Megan Nager), wine enthusiast Mary Vandercash (You Up with Nikki Glaser’s Carlisle Forrester), “Truckin’ Food God’s” Chef Morty Smash (The Best Debate Show in the Universe’s Maddox) and local history re-enactor Silas Bookington (Historical Roasts Eddie Furth).

Brenda: Live or Whatever is available free to Amazon Prime subscribers and $1.99 per episode for non-subscribers. More episodes are promised in late August. To view, visit, where you’ll be redirected to Amazon.

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