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Sci-fi anime fans can now binge 255 TV episodes from the Robotech franchise and one feature film, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, for free – with ads – on Vudu and Roku. Robotech will also be available soon from its distributor, FilmRise.

The library of free titles represents a veritable Robotech cornucopia:

The original 1985 syndicated series. When a spaceship crashes in the Pacific, humans create fighter planes that morph into robots, fending off aliens who return to reclaim their craft. The original 85 episodes and 85 remastered “original edit” versions from 2005 are available.

Robotech: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (1982). Created by Shoji Kawamori and later adapted for the Robotech franchise, this series takes place ten years after a city-sized spaceship crashes onto South Atalia Island. Humans turn the ship into the Super Dimension Fortress Macross. (36 episodes).

Super Dimensional Cavalry: Southern Cross (1984). Also later adapted for Robotech, the army of the Southern Cross protects the human colonists on the terraformed planet Glorie, the ancestral home of the Zor, an advanced race of humanoids. The Zor have now returned to reclaim their world. (23 episodes).

Genesis Climber Mospeada (1983). Officer Scott (aka “Stick”) Bernard is sent by a human Martian colony to free Earth from an alien conqueror. This was one of three series combined to create Robotech. (25 episodes)

The Shadow Chronicles (2007). A sequel to the original Robotech series, Bernard tries to find out what happened to Rick Hunter and the SDF-3.

Bonus features. Nearly 11 hours of documentaries, featurettes, trailers and other materials are also available.

FilmRise distributes classic films and TV series for free streaming across numerous platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, Xbox, YouTube and Facebook.

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