‘Point Blank’ Binge

(Above: ‘Point Blank.’ Source: Netflix)

To save his kidnapped pregnant wife, an ER nurse teams up with a badly injured murder suspect against gangs and corrupt cops. That’s the gist of Point Blank, a 90-minute Netflix thriller debuting today.

Anthony Mackie (Netflix’s Altered Carbon), Frank Grillo (AT&T’s Kingdom), and Marcia Gay Harden (CBS’ Code Black) star in the film, which is a remake of a 2010 French film of the same title (À bout portant). 

You can stream the original for $2.99 from Amazon, iTunes, YouTube or other providers.

The original movie titled Point Blank, though, came out in 1967. Starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson. It was also a 90-minute thriller, this time involving stolen money and organized crime. Roger Ebert, for one, gave the movie a thumb’s up.

You can rent the classic Point Blank for $2.99 from Google Play, iTunes, YouTube or other providers.

There was also another 90-minute Point Blank thriller in 1998. It starred Mickey Rourke, was about a prison break, and is unavailable for streaming. But you can watch the trailer:

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