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A new study suggests that Netflix’s lead over Hulu and Amazon Prime in number of subscribers is based on strong viewer engagement with its programming.

The report, conducted by Relative Insight in partnership with Strategy Analytics, reveals that Netflix viewers are much more likely to discuss shows in depth, indicating a high level of engagement. Conversely, Hulu users are more likely to talk about resolving service problems, while Amazon customers focus more on complaints about pricing and lack of content choices.

“Netflix’s advantages are numerous, but lie primarily in the fact that its users are much more engaged with the content than those using Amazon Prime Video or Hulu,” says Michael Goodman, Director, TV & Media Strategies, Strategy Analytics. “Neither Amazon nor Hulu have managed to get much beyond technical or pricing issues in order to build that all-important content-viewer relationship which ensures higher retention levels and sustained subscription revenues.”

The report concludes that Hulu and Amazon must address these shortfalls in order to catch Netflix, and that Disney and Warner Media, which are about to launch their own streaming services, should take heed.

You can download the report, “What Are Netflix Subscribers Saying Compared To Competitors?,” from Strategy Analytics.

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