Classic ‘Office’ Smells

(Above: Melora Hardin. Source: YouTube video)

Something’s in the air – and on the air.

Free over-the-air channel Cozi TV is giving away scratch-and-sniff cards so that viewers can smell along with a classic episode of The Office on Monday, August 26, at 10 pm ET. A replay will air on Labor Day, Monday, September 2 at 10 PM ET (but check local listings).

Cozi TV will present the 2008 episode called “Dinner Party” in Smell-A-Vision (not to be confused with Smell-O-Vision), allowing viewers to scratch-and-sniff different aromas as they occur in the show.

In “Dinner Party,” Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) invite Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer), Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) and Angela Martin (Angela Kinsley) for a couples-only dinner party, leaving Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) out in the cold. The party, however, provides an uncomfortable look at Michael’s home life.

Hardin will host the episode, alerting viewers on how and when to use their scratch-and-sniff cards. The odor menu will include osso buco and Jan’s waxy aromatic creation, Serenity by Jan.

Where to Get Your Smell-A-Vision Cards

To inhale the full experience, you can request a card via Cozi TV’s Facebook page or at

Cards are also available now in New York to attendees of the off-Broadway production of The Office: A Musical Parody at the Orbach Theater at The Theatre Center; and July 18-21 in San Diego to Comic-Con attendees.

“A Hardin’s Day Night”

Cozi TV will also air a marathon on Sunday, September 22 (1 pm to midnight ET), featuring Hardin’s many guest-starring appearances on shows ranging from Little House on the Prairie to Quincy and Murder, She Wrote, as well as noteworthy Jan episodes from The Office. Hardin’s real-life father, Jerry Hardin (The X-Files’ Deep Throat) will also turn up in episodes of Murder, She Wrote and The Rockford Files.

The Office regularly airs on Cozi TV weekdays 11 pm to 12 am ET, and 2 to 3 am. You can also catch episodes Saturdays, 12 to 2 am.

To find where to watch Cozi TV for free with an antenna, visit Get Cozi TV.

Streaming Options

The Office aired 201 episodes over nine seasons (2005-2013) on NBC. You can stream all nine seasons with a Netflix subscription; or rent individual episodes from Google Play and other providers.

The mockumentary sitcom was based on a British series (2001-2003) created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. You can stream all 14 episodes of that series with a subscription to Hulu or BritBox; or buy individual episodes starting at $1.99 from Amazon and other providers.

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