A Bunkers ‘Block Party’

(Photo: ‘Meathead’ and Archie in ‘All in the Family. Source: GetTV)

Don’t care to enter The Twilight Zone on Independence Day? How about a trip into the “Bunker-verse”?

After all, on July 4, 2019, what family could be more all-American than the Bunkers?

So, get ready for a 24-hour All in the Family “block party” on GetTV!


Celebrate America's birthday with the Bunkers! 🇺🇲The ALL IN THE FAMILY Best Episodes Block Party – All day July 4 on getTV!

Posted by getTV on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

For newbies, All in the Family stars Carroll O’Connor as bigot Archie Bunker, Jean Stapleton as his patient wife Edith (dubbed “Dingbat” by Archie), Rob Reiner as liberal son-in-law Mike (dubbed “Meathead”) and Sally Struthers as feminist daughter Gloria.

The series originally ran for 205 episodes over nine seasons (1971-1979) on CBS, winning the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series four times.

GetTV has culled All in the Family’s most memorable shows for its 40-episode marathon, kicking off at 6 am tomorrow with the series premiere, “Meet the Bunkers.”

Other highlights include:

7 am: “Lionel Moves In To The Neighborhood,” featuring the first appearance of Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson, four years before she’d co-star on All in the Family’s most successful spin-off, The Jeffersons

11 am: “Cousin Maude’s Visit,” introducing Beatrice Arthur as Edith’s liberal cousin Maude Findlay, soon to be the focus of All in the Family’s first spinoff, Maude.

5 pm: “Henry’s Farewell, with the first appearance of Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson in the episode that was recently redone on ABC’s Live In Front Of A Studio Audience.

7 pm: “The Jeffersons Move on Up,” which served as the pilot for The Jeffersons and also recreated for ABC.

10 pm: Henry Fonda hosts an hour-long celebration of All in the Family’s first 100 episodes. 

11 pm: Series creator Norman Lear hosts a 90-minute retrospective that originally aired a month before the series finale.

12:30 am, July 5: “Archie’s Brief Encounter” featuring a three-episode arc in which Archie may have a fling with a diner waitress (Janis Page).

2 am: “The Bunkers and Inflation,”  a four-parter in which Archie’s union goes on strike.

4 am:  “The Unemployment Story,” a two-episode story where Archie loses his job.

For the complete “block party” schedule, consult GetTV’s schedule

All in the Family normally airs on GetTV in six-episode blocks weeknights from 7 pm to 10 pm.

GetTV is available free over-the-air with an antenna hooked up to your TV set. For your local channel number, visit  “Get the Channel.”  

If you miss the block party or prefer to stream, you can see seasons three and four of All in the Family for free over Sony Crackle, or seasons two, three and nine with a Fubo subscription. You can also rent episodes ($1.99) or seasons ($14.99-19.99) from iTunes. In addition, you can find many episodes free on YouTube and Dailymotion.

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