‘The Art of Crime’

(Photo: Eléonore Bernheim and Nicolas Gob in ‘The Art of Crime’)

If you love police procedurals, museums and France, let us introduce you to The Art of Crime, debuting today on subscription streamer MHz Choice

In the series, a Paris cop (Nicolas Gob) teams up with a Louvre art historian (Eléonore Bernheim) to solve crimes across storied French museums and landmarks. He knows nothing about art and she knows nothing about crime-solving. He’s impatient and she has a bunch of phobias. So, of course, they make the perfect TV detective team.

Filming locations for The Art of Crime include not only The Louvre, but also Château d’Amboise, the Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci’s house, and more.

The first six-episode season of The Art of Crime originally ran on France 2 in 2017. A second six-episode season followed in 2018, with a third season expected to debut later this year.

The Art of Crime takes two episodes to solve each of its cases, and MHz Choice has taken care of case #1 by dropping the first two episodes today. In this case, “the theft of an obscure Renaissance portrait uncovers a sensational 15th Century secret.”

Two more episodes will drop on Tuesday, July 9, and again on Tuesday, July 16, with the second season set to debut on Tuesday, August 6.

MHZ Choice costs $7.99 monthly or $89.99 a year after a 7-day free trial. But you can get 50% off your first month by using the promo code SUMMER19. To subscribe, or for more info, visit mhzchoice.com.

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