‘Zone’ Binge Thursday

(Above: John Carridine and H.M. Wynant in “The Howling Man.” Source: IMDb)

Wondering where to catch the July 4 Twilight Zone marathon this year?

Over-the-air channel Decades will continue the unofficial Independence Day television tradition, showing more than 40 episodes, starting at 7 am ET this Thursday.

The binge begins with “Valley of the Shadow,” a one-hour episode from 1963 in which a reporter happens upon a peaceful town where miracles happen – and the residents won’t let him leave. Look for a pre-Star Trek James Doohan.

Other noteworthy episodes, and their air times, include:

12 pm – “Dead Man’s Shoes”

1 pm- “The Howling Man”

2 pm – “The Eye of the Beholder”

2:30 pm – “A Stop at Willoughby”

3 pm – “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”

5 pm – “Time Enough at Last”

(Above: Burgess Meredith in “Time Enough At Last.” Source: IMDb)

5:30 pm – “To Serve Man”

7 pm – “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”

7:30 pm- “The Masks”

8:30 pm – “Living Doll”

9 pm – “Where is Everybody?”

10:30 pm – “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”

3 am – “What’s in the Box”

6 am – “On Thursday We Leave for Home”

You can find a complete listing of episodes with descriptions at Decades.com/schedule.

Decades can be seen free over the air via an antenna hooked up to your TV set. For local channel numbers, visit Decades’ “Where to Watch.”

Streaming Options

You can stream all five seasons (1959 to 1964) of the original series with subscriptions to Hulu or CBS All Access; episodes from some seasons are also available via other subscription streaming services. You can buy individual episodes starting at $1.99 from Vudu and other providers, or find episodes to stream for free on Dailymotion.

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