Netflix’s ‘The Last Czars’

(Above: ‘The Last Czars.’ Source: Netflix)

The Last Czars, a docuseries chronicling the ill-fated reign of Czar Nicholas II, debuts Wednesday, July 3, on Netflix.

Combining historian-provided commentary with extensive dramatic reenactments, The Last Czars examines the economic and social changes that roiled Russia in the early 20th century. In response to the Russian Revolution of 1905, Czar Nicholas reluctantly adopted agrarian reforms. But between distractions at home (a hemophiliac son, a strange monk called Rasputin) and an alliance that draws Russia into World War I, Nicholas and his family are unable to avoid the inevitable.

The series was produced by Nutopia.

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Speaking of the Russian royals, The Savvy Screener recommends Amazon Prime’s anthology series, The Romanoffs, from Mad Men showrunner Matt Weiner. The show consists of eight feature-length episodes, each with at least a cursory connection to the Romanov clan. In Episode 3, “House of Special Purpose,” Olivia Rogers (Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks) is an actress filming a story about the rousting and murder of the Czar and his family. Due to a domineering director who enjoys mind games, Rogers soon has trouble telling fiction from reality.

Other noteworthy episodes include “End of the Line” and “The One That Holds Everything.”

And if Russian imperial melodramas are your thing, check out our article about the many screen adaptions based on the life of Catherine the Great – and where you can stream them.

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