‘When Whales Walked’

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When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time, a two-hour look into the origins of crocodiles, birds, whales and elephants, will air on PBS and stream on PBS.org tonight at 9 pm ET (but check local listings).

Viewers will see evidence that one early crocodile relative was built like a greyhound, ancient whales walked on four legs, the earliest ancestor of the elephant was the size of a rabbit, and birds arose from feathered dinosaurs. “In fact, they are dinosaurs,” declares the documentary.

Narrated by actor Lee Pace (Guardians of the. GalaxyThe Hobbit), When Whales Walked was created in partnership with cable’s Smithsonian Channel, which will run it simultaneously tonight. A related Hall of Fossils – Deep Time exhibit opened earlier this month at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

If you want even more “journeys in deep time,” this past Friday, the Facebook pages of the museum, PBS, Smithsonian Channel and PBS Digital Studios all went live with a look at exhibits in the Hall of Fossils. You can watch that event right here:

Live at the Museum: Stepping Through Deep Time

Hi everyone! We're coming to you LIVE from the brand new #DeepTime exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, on Friday at 9:30 PM ET. Take a tour with us – Kallie Moore from Eons • PBS will be your host, and we’ll have paleontologist Adam Pritchard to answer your questions about the creatures from Deep Time. Hit the button below to get a reminder, and join us on Friday night!

Posted by PBS Digital Studios on Thursday, June 13, 2019

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