Psycho Pets

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Free streamer Pluto TV’s Crazy Pets channel (ch 500) is running a marathon of Animal Planet shows about dysfunctional family pets this week.

Leading the list is My Cat from Hell. Over the course of each episode, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy counsels families who own psycho felines. We happened to catch part of the episode, “My Cat is a Bully,” in which Gracie the cat attacks her owners as well as any other human who dares enter her home. In another episode, “Kitty Jail,” feline Finn’s incessant crying often jars owners Lara and David out of slumber around 4 am, forcing the couple to contemplate locking the whiner in “Kitty Jail,” also known as the guest bathroom.

The channel’s schedule also includes It’s Me or the Dog. Victoria Stilwell, a professional dog trainer from Britain, helps families whose canines have behavioral problems:

Another series, Fatal Attractions, profiles people who have owned exotic pets – tigers, snakes, chimpanzees, a hyena, even a hippopotamus – with deadly consequences. It includes interviews with family members and surviving attack victims, along with narrated flashbacks and reenactments:

Streaming Options

If you miss out on this week’s marathon, here are other streaming options:

My Cat from Hell. You can buy individual episodes from all 10 seasons starting at $1.99 from Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes.

It’s Me or the Dog. All four seasons can be viewed free at In addition, the first three seasons can be streamed with an Amazon Prime subscription, and individual episodes from all four seasons can be purchased for $1.99 on Amazon.

Fatal Attractions. You can stream the first three seasons with an Amazon Prime subscription. Individual episodes from the first three seasons are available for $1.99 via iTunes, Google Play and other providers.

For more on the Crazy Pets channel, visit Pluto TV.

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