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(Above: Drew Tarver, Case Walker and Heléne Yorke. Source: YouTube video)

What if you’re a struggling millennial and your little Gen-Z brother achieves enormous success?

That’s the premise of Comedy Central’s 10-episode series, The Other Two, which is available to stream free through June 24 at or via the CC app.

Drew Tarver is Cary Dubek, a 28-year-old struggling actor and Heléne Yorke is his 30-year old sister Brooke, a former dancer struggling at life. Suddenly, their 13-year-old brother Chase (Case Walker) achieves Justin-Bieber-like fame, forcing the two older siblings to live in his celebrity shadow.

Former SNLer Molly Shannon plays the family’s obsessive stage mother, with Ken Marino as Chase’s manager and Wanda Sykes as his publicist.

The show was created, written and executive produced by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, former co-head writers at Saturday Night Live.

The show currently has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

For more, visit Comedy Central.

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