‘Nele Neuhaus Mysteries’

(Above: Tim Bergmann and Felicitas Woll in ‘Nele Neuhaus Mysteries.’ Source: MHz Choice.)

Nele Neuhaus Mysteries, four feature-length episodes based on novels by the German writer, will debut Tuesday, June 11, on subscription streamer MHz choice.

Chief Inspector Oliver von Bodenstein (Tim Bergmann) and his subordinate, Mrs. Pia Kirchhoff (Felicitas Woll), investigate crimes in the idyllic Taunus mountain region, not far from Frankfurt. Oliver is married to a documentary filmmaker and struggles to raise a pair of teens, while recently divorced Pia lives with Devil – her beloved dog.

In the premiere, a man is found hanged in the woods. In episode two, the search for a missing girl leads Oliver and Pia into the exclusive world of horse riding. Episode three begins with the discovery of a man’s body parts scattered around a zoo, and in the fourth installment, the murder of a Holocaust survivor points to the Taunus’ upper class.

The series is presented in German, with English subtitles.

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To subscribe, or for more info, visit mhzchoice.com.

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