Gritty German ‘Fabel’

(Above: The cast of ‘Fabel.’ Source: MHzChoice)

Hamburg-based detective Jan Fabel (Peter Lohmeyer) is on the case in Fabel, a trilogy of 90-minute whodunits now available on subscription streamer MHz Choice.

Based on novels by Scottish author Craig Russell, the first episode, “Fabel: Murder is No Fairy Tale,” opens with the body of a girl discovered with a message for the police concealed in her hand:

“Look for me and find me soon, I am the cat and the owl in the woods. Come too close and you’ll turn to stone. Only a flower can signal my end.”

When a couple is later found murdered with a similar message, Fabel recognizes the Brothers Grimm connection. Can Fabel, whose therapist-girlfriend (Marie-Lou Sellem) recently certified him fit for duty following a disastrous police operation, find the murderer?

The cast also includes Maria Klee, Henk Hermann and Anna Wolff as investigators.

In episode two, “Fabel: Blood Eagle,” Fabel and his team must catch a killer reenacting an ancient Viking ritual. In episode three, “Fabel: Branded,” a serial murderer targets Hamburg citizens.

Episodes are in German with English subtitles.

MHZ Choice costs $7.99 monthly. Until June 1, new subscribers can get a 30-day free trial, along with 50% off the second and third months, by using the promo code TRIAL30.

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