‘Sex, Drugs, Milk, Meat’

(Above: ‘YidLife Crisis.’ Source: JLTV)

JLTV calls it “the world’s first Yiddish sitcom,” but best friends Chaimie and Leizer also spout the occasional English and French in the Montreal-based, food-centric YidLife Crisis, debuting tonight at 8:30 pm ET/PT. Subtitles are included.

What’s YidLife Crisis about? Its tagline, “Sex, Drugs, and Milk & Meat,” just about sums it up, as co-creators Jamie Elman (Chaimie) & Eli Batalion (Leizer) spend each episode in a comedic debate about religious, spiritual and cultural identity.

Rated “Chai+,” meaning 18 and over (“under 18 requires accompanying Jewish psychologist”), YidLife Crisis has been around as a web series for five years. JLTV will air the show right after its breakthrough dating series, Bubbies Know Best. You can watch both shows (and indeed JLTV’s entire schedule) free at jltv.tv/watchjltv.php.

We’ve selected two YidLife Crisis webisodes for your enjoyment: the very first one, and a special in which the guys meet Howie Mandel. (Warning: NSFW, especially if your boss knows Yiddish, even a bissel.)

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