Super Mommy Issues

(Above: Bruce Nachsin and Judy Nazemetz in ‘Dark Specter 2.’ Source: YouTube video)

The second installment of Dark Specter, a comedy web series about a super villain with mommy issues, debuts tomorrow, May 1, on Facebook.

In the five-minute short, Dark Specter 2, the title character, aka Bertrand (Bruce Nachsin), goes toe-to-toe with good-guy Vibraboom, leaving the typical superhero collateral damage in their wake. At the same time, Bertrand must deal with his well-meaning helicopter mother (Judy Nazemetz).

The short will be available to watch for free at

Here is the first short, Dark Specter, in which the star villain engages in a battle of labored metaphors with superhero Spark, until mom shows up and ruins everything:

Nachsin, who also wrote Dark Specter, created and starred in another comedy short, Lunchtime is Over, featuring fisticuffs inside a rather toxic workplace:

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