24/7 Drone Channel

Air 4 Adventures, touted as the first 24/7 drone channel, has launched on SBTV, a provider of free streams from broadcast stations nationwide.

The dronecast comes from channel 4, KXLY, in Spokane, WA., whose newscasts and morning show also run on SBTV. And while the drone footage is constant, it isn’t live. Instead, Air 4 Adventures compiles episodes of a weekly feature from the parent station that looks at local attractions, extreme sports and nature reserves from a drone’s perspective.

You can also stream 64 videos from Air 4 Adventures on demand via YouTube. From last week, here’s a look at Spokane Falls:

SBTV currently provides news-centered streams from 100 stations nationwide. The site’s home page will direct you to the stations closest to your location. (Alas, the nearest ones to our  facilities in the New York metro area can be found in Allentown, PA, and Binghamton, NY).

You’ll also find 24/7 channels devoted to esports; an interview show hosted by entrepreneur James Altucher; a documentary series Food.Curated; reports from Gray Television’s Washington, DC bureau; and a livestream looking out from SBTV’s New York City studio overlooking a Bryant Park subway entrance.

SBTV also offers The James Altucher Show (six episodes) and Food.Curated (seven seasons, 179 episodes) on demand, along with over a dozen other series. These include Hard Knocks Fighting MMA (11 seasons, 186 episodes), The Donna Drake Show (inspirational, eight half hours), and How to (blank) a Man (comedic relationship advice, two seasons, 25 short-form episodes). Here’s the first episode of the latter:

For more, visit sbtv.com.

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