Down Under ‘Lunatics’

(Above: Chris Lilley. Source: Netflix)

Lunatics, a 10-episode mockumentary comedy from Australia, is now on Netflix.

Writer and creator Chris Lilley plays six different – and over-the-top – personalities who reveal themselves by way of interviews and verité footage.

The characters include:

Keith, a fashion retailer who deals with objective sexuality issues and “his deep love for a cash register.”

Becky, a university freshman who, with her twin sister, begins life in an American college. She must also cope with being more than seven feet tall.

Gavin, a 12-year-old and future Earl of an English country estate.

Jana, a South African-based lesbian Pet Psychic to the Stars who pines for her personal assistant.

Quentin, a bumbling real estate agent about to inherit a family business. His real dream? To be a famous DJ and street artist.

Joyce, an eccentric elderly ex-porn star and hoarder who faces eviction.

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