‘Space Waste Odyssey’

(Above: “Space Waste Odyssey.” Source: YouTube video)

To mark Earth Day, the children’s math series Cyberchase will premiere a special episode, “Space Waste Odyssey,” April 19, at 7 pm ET, on the PBS Kids 24-hour over-the-air channel (check local listings), the PBS Kids website, and its video app. It will also air Sunday, April 21 at 10:30 am on New York’s channel 13.

In “Space Waste Odyssey,” evil Hacker (Taxi’s Christopher Lloyd) seeks to take over Cyberspace by forcing trash on Motherboard’s Control Central. The CyberSquad – featuring three kids and their Dodo Bird pal Digit (Gilbert Gottfried) – must use their problem-solving and scientific reasoning skills to deal with the garbage crisis before it’s too late.

Also tomorrow, April 19, Cyberchase will launch a free Space Waste Odyssey game on its website and on the PBS Kids Games app. In addition, Cyberchase will soon roll out a bilingual family engagement program, Cyberchase Adventures in STEM, featuring both in-person and online learning activities for low-income and Latino families. Pilot markets will include New York, Houston, San Antonio, and Tampa.

Cyberchase’s innovative focus on math and environmental learning taps into children’s love of nature and concern for the planet, and showcases math as a real-world tool,” said Sandra Sheppard, executive producer. “Since problem-solving and teamwork are the essence of Cyberchase, it’s wonderfully suited to build young children’s environmental knowledge and interest.”

Cyberchase is produced by Thirteen Productions for WNET.

For more information, visit Cyberchase.

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