Jesus TV Series

(Above: Eric Avari in ‘The Chosen.’ Source: VidAngel)

VidAngel, a subscription service that filters streaming content to make it more family-friendly, has released the first four episodes of The Chosen, an original production billed as the first multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life.

Directed by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is touted as the top crowdfunded media project in history, having raised more than $10 million from 16,000 investors, topping Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The cast includes Jonathan Roumie as Jesus and The Brink’s Erick Avari as Nicodemus.

Presently, you can watch the first four episodes for free online. More episodes will drop this fall.

VidAngel also has a special promotion. For $29.99, you can own the first four episodes, both via streaming and on DVD; a companion “devotional guide”; a three-month subscription to VidAngel; and other extras. For $49.99 you get an additional package for someone else, or five packages for $149.99.

Costing $9.99 a month, VidAngel allows subscribers to filter f-bombs and other objectionable language, as well as nudity and violence, from Netflix, Amazon and Amazon Prime (including its HBO add-on). You must already subscribe to those services before connecting them to VidAngel. The VidAngel app is available for numerous devices.

It hasn’t been an easy road for VidAngel. In March, a Los Angeles federal judge issued an injunction blocking the service from streaming — and filtering — Disney (Fox) and Warner Bros. titles. VidAngel is appealing that decision. You can read more about the company’s legal travails on its website.

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  1. I would like theree of the four episodes on DVD. Can they be shipped to me in Bangalore, India? I could pay extra to cover the cost of shipping. I already have Episode 1. Just need 2,3 and 4.


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