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The Carol Burnett Show Comes to MeTV.

When we heard MeTV would air “lost” episodes of The Carol Burnett Show starting this coming week in place of its re-packaged Carol Burnett and Friends, we assumed we’d finally be able to see intact episodes of the hour-long series that originally ran on CBS for 11 seasons (1967-1978).

Alas, MeTV’s The Carol Burnett Show will consist of half-hour edited versions of the show’s first five seasons, replacing Carol Burnett and Friends’ half-hour edited versions of its last six seasons! Both shows feature comedy sketches, leaving out guest stars’ musical numbers and other material.

Complete episodes from the first five seasons are available for streaming, however, through Amazon’s three volumes of The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes. Each volume (they’re not whole seasons, nor in chronological order) contains 15 episodes and costs $9.99. 

MeTV’s episodes are free and contain loads of funny material from the likes of Burnett, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway that haven’t been broadcast in nearly 50 years.

You can tune in Sunday nights at 10:30 pm ET/PT (right after MeTV’s enjoyable new original series, Collector’s Call) and weeknights at 11 pm.

MeTV is available free by hooking up an antenna to your TV set. For the channel number in your area, check

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