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When we last checked a year ago, Bear Grylls’ televised outdoor adventures had moved from celebrities to “real people” with Facebook Watch’s Face the Wild. Today, the real person becomes “you” with the debut of Netflix’s interactive series, You vs. Wild.

Would you like to see the survival expert extraordinaire fail on one of his adventures? Netflix says you can choose just that outcome! First, though, you’ll “decide what Grylls eats, encounters and experiences.”

You’d have to be heartless not to help him succeed in the first three of the eight episodes, since his missions are, respectively:

  • Find a doctor who must deliver malaria vaccines to children, but is missing in the jungle.
  • Deliver medicine to a remote jungle village.
  • Find a lost rescue dog in the Swiss Alps.

In episode four, though, it’s just Grylls you need to help: “Bear must survive for 24 hours on a frigid mountain pass in the Swiss Alps until help can arrive. Should he stay put or stay moving? It’s your call!”

Episodes range in length from 53 minutes for one titled “Land of the Dragons” to 105 minutes for “A Venomous Adventure.” But leave some time for choosing different paths!

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can participate in your own adventures with Bear Grylls by visiting

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