‘The Tick’ Returns

(Above: Griffin Newman and Peter Serafinowicz. Source: YouTube video)

You can’t keep a good bug down.

Ben Edlund’s insect-suited superhero returns for a second 10-episode season of The Tick this Friday, April 5, on Amazon Prime.

Peter Serafinowicz plays the indestructible man-arachnid, who teams with mild-mannered mortal Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman) to defend the City from all sorts of villainy. Although having dealt with The Terror in the first season, they must nevertheless persuade AEGIS, the government agency handling superhero regulation, that they have superhero cred.

Previous Tick incarnations include a 1994-1996 animated Fox series (unavailable for streaming); and a 2002-2002 live-action version with Patrick Warburton, also on Fox, which lasted just nine episodes. You can stream all of them free, with ads, on Crackle.

In this clip, The Tick (Warburton) phone trolls The Terror (Star Trek DS9‘s Armin Shimerman) who is just trying to relax:

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