Bigfoot Binge

(Above: ‘On the Trail of Bigfoot.’ Source: YouTube video)

If you’re a fan of America’s favorite suburban legend, Bigfoot, here’s your chance to binge on several documentaries about the reclusive beast, all from the same filmmaker, Seth Breedlove.

Small Town Monsters, a production company focusing on small-town folklore, has released On the Trail of Bigfoot, which covers 14 states from the east coast to the Pacific Northwest.

Breedlove narrates the camera-shy creature’s history, starting in the 1800s with tall tales of an even taller hairy fella strolling in the woods. He interviews witnesses, investigators, historians and other enthusiasts about unusual incidents, and offers a few self-proclaimed skeptics. The evidence includes footprint casts and hair samples, as well as audio and video that is said to possibly be of Bigfoot. Breedlove even reports having captured “some mysterious eyeshine watching his camp from a nearby hillside.”

The producers say Breedlove came away “convinced that there just might be something to the existence of a long-lost, hairy primate roaming North American forests.”

Although On the Trail of Bigfoot was announced as a six-episode docuseries totaling three hours, to date we have been able to find it only as a two-part documentary on Amazon: On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Legend (74 minutes) and On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search (86 minutes). You can rent each for $2.99 SD/$3.99 HD;, or buy them at $7.99/$8.99 apiece.

Breedlove’s Sasquatch portfolio doesn’t end there. He previously directed the 54-minute documentary, Minerva Monsters: Bigfoot of Ohio (2015), which is free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Another Breedlove documentary, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017), explores “unexplained phenomenon,” including both the Uniontown Bigfoot and UFO sightings. It’s also available with a Prime subscription.

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