Matt Chat: ‘Naruto’

(Above: Naruto. Source: Netflix)

What shows would kids recommend to other kids?

In our “Matt Chat” column, The Savvy Screener’s Laurie Pasiuk talks to her 10-year-old son Matthew about programs he likes to watch.

Today, Matt chats about Naruto, a Japanese anime series adapted from Masashi Kishimoto‘s manga series. It’s about a teenage ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage, his village’s leader and strongest ninja. The original show aired in Japan for a total of 220 episodes from 2002 in 2007. (A sequel series, Naruto: Shippuden, ran a total of 504 episodes from 2007 to 2017.)

You can stream Naruto with subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu, or for free, with ads, on TubiTV or Yahoo View.

Laurie: Why do you like ‘Naruto’?

Matt: It’s a story about ninjas in training and I like ninjas.

Laurie: Tell us more.

Matt: Naruto Uzumaki is a boy with a demon trapped inside him. The fourth hokage, Sarutobi, used the sealing jitsu to put the spirit of the nine-tailed fox inside him when he was a baby. His parents died fighting off the nine-tailed fox. He grew up alone and the kids in the area made fun of him. He goes to ninja school with them. He becomes friends with Sasuke, another teen ninja who is trying to find and kill his brother for killing their family, the Uchiha clan.

Laurie: Who is your favorite character?

Matt: This is actually a hard question. I like three of them: Naruto, Rock Lee and Gaara. I like Naruto because since he has a demon inside of him, he is a special person and can use it to be very dangerous. I like Rock Lee because his sensei taught him a ninja technique to open five out of eight gates, but you can’t keep them open for long or you’ll die. And I like Gaara because the demon inside of him makes it so he can never be injured because the demon uses sand to defend against any move. The only one who almost defeated him was Rock Lee. Gaara fought Naruto once and Naruto won. Naruto summoned the giant frog, who fought Gaara’s demon and defeated him by transforming into Naruto’s demon, the nine-tailed fox.

Laurie: But ultimately Naruto fights the nine-tailed fox inside him?

Matt: Yes, because he gets the fox demon’s power if he wins. He didn’t know it but before his father died, he used Naruto’s mother’s chakra (combination of spiritual and physical energy) on the nine-tailed fox so that if Naruto ever fought it, he would meet his mom. She helped him defeat the nine-tailed fox and get the chakra.

Laurie: Is that the end of the story?

Matt: No, not at all! Naruto becomes the seventh hokage, one of the most powerful ninja out there. Then he has a son named Boruto with his wife, Hinada, a girl who liked him back when she was a kid. She would always be watching him and feeling sorry for him when the other kids were mean to him.

Laurie: Then Boruto gets a show?

Matt: Yes, it’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations [streaming on numerous providers, both paid and free]. I like that one too.

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