‘YooHoo to the Rescue’

(Above: The animated cast of ‘YooHoo to the Rescue.’ Source: Netflix)

Tomorrow, March 15, Netflix will debut YooHoo to the Rescue, an animated children’s show based on the Korean brand YooHoo and Friends.

The 26-episode series features five cute animal friends, denizens of YooTopia, who travel the world helping animals in trouble. The show will include characters based on endangered species (but not on popular chocolate beverages).

Netflix also recently launched a 13-episode second season of the high-octane animated show Larva Island, starring larvae buddies Red and Yellow. Smart and mean Red bullies Yellow, who is not so smart but has a sunny personality. Somehow the two remain friends.

Larva Island is a spinoff of Larva, produced by TUBA Entertainment in South Korea. You can also watch three seasons of that series on Netflix.

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