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(Above: Comedian Emily Heller. Source: YouTube video)

Cable network Comedy Central now offers more free online content aimed at millennial cord-cutters.

The network has added two destinations – the Comedy Central Stand-Up and Comedy Central Originals YouTube channels – with extensive catalogs to sate younger viewers’ appetite for hip humor.

Comedy Central’s main YouTube channel already offers a large library of shows from the network.

Here are samples from the two new YouTube channels:

Comedy Central Stand-Up

Emily Heller: Ice Thickeners (available now)

Comedy Central bills Emily Heller: Ice Thickeners as its first original one-hour special to debut exclusively on a digital platform. Recorded in Seattle, Heller takes on the 2016 presidential election and living in the Trump era, as well as dealing with life-issues such as fitness and being in therapy. Released on International Women’s Day, Heller said (we presume tongue-in-cheek) that she tried unsuccessfully to have men banned from the audience. “Not only do I not want men at the show, I also don’t want them to watch it.”

Presumably the internet won’t ban you from watching the entire show below:

Comedy Central Stand Up Featuring, Season 2 (available now)

Recorded at The Satellite in Los Angeles, the second season offers excerpts from such new faces as Kiry Shabazz, Vanessa Gonzalez, Ron Taylor, Brendan Scannell, and Gavin Matts.

Below, Gonzalez talks about anticipating her boyfriend popping the question, and what she would prefer in place of an engagement ring:

Comedy Central Originals

Comedians Solve World Problems (available now)

Comedy Central has rolled out a US version of this series starring comics bouncing around ideas for solving the world’s problems. There will also be international versions for various regions. A British version is already available on Comedy Central’s UK channel.

In the premiere US episode, comedians Hanna Dickinson and Jordan Mendoza talk about a future with sex bots:

Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears (debuts March 15)

Comedian Shane Torres helps his comedian friends overcome their fears through an absurd form of therapy. In season one, Molly Austin faces a live python, Petey DeAbreu prepares a baby hedgehog for bedtime, and Casey James Salengo “faces the fearsome Gauntlet of Rejection.”

For more videos, visit the Comedy Central, Comedy Central Stand-Up, and Comedy Central Originals channels on YouTube.

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