Ta, Ta TaTaTu

TaTaTu, which just launched over Android and iOS apps, promises to reward users for watching titles from its growing library of more than 900 movies and TV episodes.

Sounds pretty good, so we download the app and sign up. We automatically receive 50 TTU currency units and proceed to browse the selections.

And yes, there are lots and lots and lots of titles.

Under new movie releases, we find such new-to-us titles as Sun, The Tocchi, Vento di Sicilia, Finding Soroya, The Humbling, Ceresia, I Am Omega, Open, Shrimp on the Barbie, Pee Stains and Other Disasters, and…. Wait, with a title like that last one, we decide to give it a try.

We don’t care much for this 2005 coming-of-age dramedy, but that’s beside the point right now – because as you watch (or don’t watch, if you prefer), you can take a look at a counter showing your riches increasing by the second.

After a couple of minutes of Pee Stains, we take a look at the choices under new series releases. First on the list: a 13-episode series provocatively titled Mobilas – Moby Beetle. We start watching, but it’s not in English so we move on to browsing multiple episodes of The Best of Stand-Up and Classic Albums. We decide it’s a good time to learn about Frank Zappa’s classic albums Apostrophe and Over-Nite Sensation.

Well, maybe we’ll actually watch that whole documentary another time because we’re eager to find out how we can redeem our accumulating TTUs. After less than 15 minutes of viewing time, we’re already up to 50.480! And we can later earn extra TTUs every time a friend we invite also watches (or just plays) a TaTaTu video!

We learn that 50.480 TTUs is the equivalent of $12.62 in US dollars. The TaTaTay store currently offers discounts on orders from Alessi, Yamamay, Carpisa, Legami Milano, Nordica, Moon Boot and Rollerblade. Moon Boot sounds cool. Turns out we can get a “20 discount on minimum order of 200.” Is that dollars? Percentage?

But TaTaTay won’t release our virtual currency until we get to 100 TTUs. So we go back to watching Zappa. Maybe he’ll sing, “Brown shoes don’t make it.”

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