Gritty LA Grifters

(Above source: YouTube video)

Dirty Dead Con Men, a film-noir thriller in which a grifter teams with a rogue undercover cop to steal from crooks in Los Angeles, is now available online. You can stream it free, with ads, on Tubi; or rent it from $2.99 via Vudu, iTunes, Amazon and other providers.

Con artist Kook Packard (Peter Dobson) partners with corrupt vice cop Mickey Rady (Kevin Interdonato) to swindle criminals. But the conners get conned when they are drawn into a citywide conspiracy, leaving them both framed for crimes they didn’t commit.

The cast also includes Claudia Christian, Louis Mandylor and Kristen Dalton.

Marie-Grete Heinemann directed Dirty Dead Con Men and co-wrote the script with Interdonato.

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