‘NASA Science Live’

(Photo source: YouTube video)

NASA Science Live, a monthly “behind-the-scenes” series, premieres tomorrow, February 27, at 3 pm ET on NASA.gov, Facebook Watch, YouTube, and Ustream.

The show will allow viewers to submit questions to NASA experts, via a wide range of social media platforms, about the earth, solar system and beyond. Viewers should use the hashtag #askNASA, or leave a comment in the chat section on Facebook.

The first episode, “To the Moon, and Beyond,” will explore how previous science missions on the lunar surface are helping with current and future missions, which include sending both robots and humans to the moon.

The second episode, “Going Interstellar” on March 27, will take viewers to the edge of our solar system where interstellar space begins.”

For more information, visit go.nasa.gov/NASAScienceLive.

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