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Food-lovers’ brand Bon Appétit has launched a free streaming channel available via Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV.

The channel’s exclusive programming will include:

It’s Alive: Goin’ Places

Host Brad Leone explores the culture, specialties and tastes of different regions. The four-episode first season, focusing on central Texas, is available now. The show is a spinoff of Leone’s It’s Alive, which covers a wide range of topics from fermenting different products to traveling to places where certain ingredients originate.  

Here’s Leone demonstrating how to make your own Kombucha from the It’s Alive series:

Bon Appétit’s Baking School

Claire Saffitz, who has developed recipes for and, looks at the ingredients and techniques involved in making the world’s most popular baked goods. Season one, debuting in March, will deal with cakes. Saffitz also regularly appears on Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel in such series as Gourmet Makes, in which she recreates childhood junk food.

Below Saffitz makes Gourmet Ferrero Rocher:

Making Perfect

Test-kitchen chefs collaborate to make perfect versions of iconic dishes. The five-episode first season, slated for April, will focus on pizza.

In addition to original shows, the Bon Appétit channel will offer all three seasons of BBC’s The Naked Chef with Jamie Oliver, as well as popular content from Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel and BonAppé

For more on the channel and its connected TV apps, visit BonAppé

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