HG Wells & JJ Abrams

(Above: HG Wells’ time machine in ‘Time After Time’ series. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fans of Time After Time, an HG Wells-inspired sci-fi series cancelled by ABC after only five episodes in 2017, can rejoice! All 12 episodes are now airing free on CW Seed, as well as the entire 13-episode output of Alcatraz, a 2012 JJ Abrams-produced sci-fi show that ran on Fox.

In Time After Time, a young Wells (Freddie Stroma) invents a time machine which Jack the Ripper (Josh Bowman) uses to escape into our time, with Wells on his trail.  

Time After Time was based on a 1979 novel by Karl Alexander, which was made into a movie that same year. Starring Malcolm McDowell as Wells and David Warner as Jack, that version of Time After Time was director Nicholas Meyers’ first film. You can see it in its entirely right here:


In real life, Wells didn’t invent a time machine (as far as we know), but wrote the 1895 novel, The Time Machine. It’s been adapted to film several times, but none better than the 1960 movie starring Rod Taylor. Winner of an Oscar for special effects, you can stream it right here:

Alcatraz, produced by JJ Abrams, ponders the possibility that the famous prison’s closing in 1963 was the result of all the prisoners and guards vanishing into 2012, where a top secret government agency pursues them. The series starred Sam Neill, Jorge Garcia, Sarah Jones, Parminder Nagra and Jonny Coyne.

In addition to its website, CW Seed is available via Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, Xbox and other devices. For more information, visit cwseed.com/cw-seed-apps.

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