Matt Chat: ‘Crashletes’

(Above: Rob Gronkowski, co-host of ‘Crashletes.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

What shows would kids recommend to other kids?

In our “Matt Chat” column, The Savvy Screener’s Laurie Pasiuk talks to her 10-year-old son Matthew about programs he likes to watch.

Today, Matt chats about Crashletes, a Nickelodeon series featuring viral videos of sports fails and other absurd moments.

Now in its third season, Crashletes is hosted by the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, comedian Brandon Broady and actress Stevie Nelson.

In addition to watching on Nickelodeon, you can buy individual episodes for $1.99 from YouTube and other providers. A handful of episodes are also free on YouTube.

Laurie: Tell us about ‘Crashletes.’ Why do you like it?

Matt: It’s the kids’ version of Ridiculousness, which is on MTV. All of the videos are really funny.

Laurie:Ridiculousness’ is too old for you.

Matt: I know. That’s why you won’t let me watch it. But this one is for kids, so it’s okay. They have kids doing stuff and it’s not bad.

Laurie: What kind of videos do they show?

Matt: Funny videos that I think they find online, like on YouTube. They show people playing jokes or trying to do tricks. They always dare each other not to laugh and see who can hold out the longest.

Laurie: What are your favorite kinds of videos?

Matt: I really like the animal videos. Especially the cat videos. They always do really funny things. I saw a cat push another cat off a table once. Another one was riding a Roomba like it was a car. Sometimes they get scared of weird things. Like cucumbers.

Laurie: You’re scared of cucumbers, too.

Matt: I’m not scared of them. I just don’t like to eat them.

(‘Crashletes’ co-hosts Stevie Nelson and Brandon Broady. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Laurie: Who hosts the show?

Matt: NFL football player Rob Gronkowski, along with a guy named Brandon (Broady) and a girl named Stevie (Nelson). I like Gronk. I watched him play in the Super Bowl.

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