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(Above: ‘Fighter of the Destiny.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Starting today, Toku, the subscription streamer specializing in English-dubbed Asian anime and live action programming, will add several action fantasy series to its lineup.

Tonight, at 9 pm ET, Toku will premiere Fighter of the Destiny (Ze tian ji), a 2017 Chinese live-action series based on the Way of Choices saga by Māo Nì.

The premise: Chen Chang Shen, abandoned as a child and raised in a monastery, is actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. When the 19-year-old contracts a fatal disease, he must take a journey to find a cure and, hopefully in the process, discover his identity and life purpose before humans get enslaved by a terrifying demonic race.

Tomorrow, February 8, at 7:30 pm, Toku will add the 1971 series Mirrorman (Mirâman). The Japanese live-action superhero show (aka the Tokusatsu genre) focuses on a young photojournalist (Kyotaro Kagami) who happens upon a mysterious mirror pendant that belonged to Mirrorman, an alien with superhuman powers. Turns out Mirrorman was Kyotaro’s father and was killed by an alien monster. Kyotaro discovers he can tap into the same mirror powers by shouting “Mirror Spark!”

Then on February 22 at 7 pm, Ultraman Gaia (1998-1999), the 14th show in the Ultraman series, debuts. In this Tokusatsu show, Ultramen Gaia and Agul struggle to overcome conflicting philosophies while defending the earth from a malevolent cosmic entity. Ultraman, his colleagues and assorted giant monsters first appeared in 1966 in the Ultra Q and Ultraman series. According to Toku, the Ultraman brand has since generated more than $8 billion in revenue from TV spin-offs, movies, video games and merchandising.

Here is the first episode of Ultraman Gaia (be sure to turn on the closed caption feature for English subtitles):

Toku programming is available both 24/7 live and on demand.

For more info, visit The price is $3.99 monthly or $39.99 annually, following a seven-day free trial.

A sister Toku cable channel is available to Amazon Prime subscribers for $3.99 monthly, following a seven-day free trial.

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