Matt Chat: ‘Loud House’

Above: Clyde and Lincoln Loud in ‘The Loud House.’ Source: Gifer.

What shows would kids recommend to other kids?

“Matt Chat” is a column in which The Savvy Screener’s Laurie Pasiuk talks to her 10-year-old son Matthew about programs he likes to watch.

Today, Matt chats about The Loud House, an animated series starring an 11-year-old boy, Lincoln Loud, who lives with his 10 sisters. Lincoln learns to navigate such a big family with the help of his friend Clyde.

The Loud House is now in its third season on Nickelodeon. You can also buy individual episodes for $1.99 from Vudu and other providers. A handful of episodes are free on YouTube.

Laurie:  Tell me about ‘The Loud House’. Why is it one of your favorite shows?

Matt: Whenever Lincoln, the main character, gets into trouble, he always finds a way out.

Laurie:  What is it about?

Matt:  It’s about a boy named Lincoln who has 10 sisters (Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily.)

He has five younger sisters and five older sisters, and it’s a very loud place to live. He also has a best friend named Clyde, and they do a lot of crazy stuff together. Sometimes his sisters get him in trouble and sometimes they get him out of trouble.

Source: Gifer

Laurie: Who is your favorite character?

Matt: Lincoln, definitely. He has a lot of sisters to deal with.

Laurie: Why does that make him your favorite?

Matt: Because he’s always saying funny things. He also has cool toys like a walkie-talkie and a skateboard.

Laurie: What’s your favorite episode?

Matt: “Pasture Bedtime,” when Lincoln and Clyde have to decide if they want to go to a barn sleepover at Liam’s or go to Girl Jordan’s pool party.

They decide to go to the party without telling Liam. So they go to Liam’s, get him really tired doing a lot of stuff, and wait for him to go to sleep. They then sneak out and go to the party. At the party, they have to swim in their underwear because they don’t have bathing suits. Girl Jordan’s dog ran off with their clothes and everyone at the party took a picture of them.

The next morning, Liam says he knew they snuck out because he saw it posted online, but he forgives them and gives them bacon for breakfast. While they are eating, Liam tells them he killed his favorite pig to make the bacon because the pig lost a mud wrestling match. This makes them sick. At the end, the pig is alive and Liam tells them not to mess with him again.

Editor’s note: Below is an episode from the third season:

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