Meet the ‘Swingers’

(Above: YouTube screenshot from ‘Swingers’)

Now that we’ve got your attention, the new documentary series Swingers has nothing to do with bar-hoppers seeking women, a la Vince Vaughn’s 1996 flick of the same title.

Rather, these “swingers” are several Pennsylvania voters who voted for Barack Obama twice and then for Donald Trump. News provider NowThis said its series will follow them from now through the 2020 election, hoping to get “a bellwether of the country’s broader political dynamics.”

The first episode has just dropped on Facebook, YouTube and other NowThis platforms. You can also watch it right here:

NowThis didn’t say when future episodes featuring these same swing voters will be released.

Swingers is a partnership between NowThis, Fork Films and Patriotic Millionaires. The latter’s founder, Erica Payne, noted that the series will let viewers “eavesdrop on what’s motivating the actual human beings inside one of the most powerful voting blocs in America.”

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