Slow It Down Show

(Above: Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy. Source: YouTube screenshot)

A common complaint about technology is that it speeds things up, making it difficult to enjoy life’s moments.

The new free YouTube series Planet Slow Mo does the opposite, using the latest high-speed cameras to slow down everyday phenomena, both tiny and grand, so they can be enjoyed in their full glory.

In the first episode, which you can watch below, Slow Mo Guys Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy travel to the volcanic island of Iceland to capture boiling water exploding in slow motion:

Future episodes will examine lightning in Singapore, the Flying Carp of Illinois, and the world’s fastest camera at CalTech (10 trillion frames per second which can even show light in motion).

The series will run 12 weeks, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday and Thursday on The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel.

The series is produced by Rooster Teeth.

For more, visit YouTube.

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