Ovid.TV to Launch

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Soon there will be a new player in the indie streaming world.

Six independent film distributors specializing in arthouse, documentary and social issue films are collaborating on Ovid.TV, a streaming service scheduled to launch this March. Pricing was not announced.

Eventually, Ovid.TV promises, the service will offer thousands of titles that are not yet available to stream. Its library will include documentaries by such filmmakers as Chantal Akerman, Michael Apted, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, and Patricio Guzman; as well as arthouse features by such directors as Bi Gan, Pedro Costa, Claire Denis, Bruno Dumont, Cheryl Dunye and Philippe Garrel.

The six founding content partners are:

Bullfrog Films, a distributor of more than 750 documentary titles relating to environmental and social justice.

Distrib Films US, whose focus is international films, particularly French and Italian fiction features.

First Run Features, founded in 1979 by filmmakers to advance the distribution of independent film.

Grasshopper Film, which offers independent, foreign, and documentary films.

Icarus Films, whose collection includes more than 1000 documentary titles.

Kimstim, a distributor of independent, foreign, and documentary films.

Additional content partners are expected to join Ovid.TV.

“This coalition will offer new access to high-quality catalogs found nowhere else, featuring some of the most celebrated filmmakers and films in the canon,” said Icarus Films’ Jonathan Miller, who will serve as Ovid.TV’s director.

Ovid.TV is an initiative of Docuseek, LLC, the owner of Docuseek, a documentary film streaming service for colleges and universities.

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for other indie streamers, we suggest you read our article, “FilmStruck Options.”

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