The Best Web Series?

(Above: ‘190 Lorimer.’ Source: YouTube screenshot), promising “a curated selection of the best comedy and drama web series available for free streaming online,” has launched with a seven-episode comedy anthology, 190 Lorimer.

Each episode of 190 Lorimer focuses on a different resident of a Brooklyn apartment building located at…you guessed it…190 Lorimer Street!

Is 190 Lorimer one of the web’s best series? Judge for yourself: the first episode is below, with all seven at

Meanwhile, series creator/writer/producer Dustin Knoop is definitely in the running for best press release quote: “I am just glad I could play a small part in addressing the single greatest threat facing our industry, which is a lack of new content. When I heard that Netflix was only producing 700 new shows this year, I knew I had to act…”

So here’s episode one of 190 Lorimer, “Gabe in 4B”:

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