RIP Carol Channing

(Above: Carol Channing, 1973. Source:Wikimedia Commons, photo by Allan Warren)

Carol Channing, who died this morning at 97, was best known for her Broadway stints in Hello Dolly and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and to TV viewers for countless appearances on variety shows. But she also received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress for a rare film role in 1967’s Thoroughly Modern Millie.

You can stream that movie, which also starred Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore, for free on the Internet Archive and right here (starting with the original five-minute theatrical opening overture):

Channing followed up Millie the following year by co-starring with Jackie Gleason in director Otto Preminger’s infamous psychedelic satire Skidoo. You can stream it free on YouTube. Here’s a Skidoo clip of Channing with Frankie Avalon:

Channing also headlined several TV specials in the ’60s. Here’s the first, An Evening with Carol Channing, from CBS in 1966:

In 1984, Channing sang a “Hello Dolly” parody on Sesame Street (Jim Henson voiced Sammy):

Finally, an animated version of Channing, voiced by the star herself, boxed against Mike Tyson on a 2006 episode of Family Guy. This turned out to be Channing’s final acting role on TV or film:


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