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A new animated series is coming to Netflix. Better send the kids out of the room.

The anthology, Love, Death & Robots, will be “presented” by Deadpool director Tim Miller and Mindhunter director David Fincher. An expected premiere date was not given.

The animated stories – from 5 to 15 minutes long – will span science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy genres. Each will also be made by a different team of filmmakers using unique styles ranging from 2D to 3D CGI. All told, the anthology will consist of 18 stories, totaling 185 minutes.

Love, Death & Robots Netflix

Expect everything from sentient dairy products, robots-gone-wild, garbage monsters and blood-thirsty demons. But these stories are definitely not for young viewers.

“Midnight movies, comics, books and magazines of fantastic fiction have inspired me for decades, but they were relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part,” Miller said. “The creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”

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