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(Above: ‘Science Fiction Theatre’ runs on Spydar TV, available on Giniko USA. Source: YouTube screenshot)

A 24/7 version of TVS Classic Sports Network has joined Giniko USA, which now offers 30 free streaming channels.

We’ve previously written about a few of the channels – NewsNet, Vibrant TV and OKTV – but most, like Giniko USA itself, are new to us.

Several of them, like TVS Classic Sports Network, feature sports – including Capitol Wrestling, Fight TV Plus, Sport TV Plus, and Billy C Boxing.

And several of them, like TVS, feature classic TV.

Indeed, we thought My Holyfield TV would be another boxing channel, but it turned out to be a general entertainment service that was showing an old western when we tuned in this morning

A few other channels were also showing old movies or TV shows. Choices included Science Fiction Theatre on Spydar TV, The Lucy Show on Giniko Golden TV, The Andy Griffith Show on New Beginning TV, and Petticoat Junction on both Regalia TV and Moove4U TV.

Here’s “The Brain of John Emerson” episode of the mid-’50s color series Science Fiction Theatre, which ran this morning on Spydar TV:

Giniko USA also includes a business channel (American Business TV), a cooking channel (Chef Roc), a kids channel (iReadt2Know), an Hispanic channel (Hola TV), a pot channel (Planet Cannabis), two music video channels (Indie Wave, StreetMusic4U), a travel channel (Traveling4U), a shopping channel (Shopping 4U), and a faith-based channel (NRBTV).

Speaking of faith-based, Giniko USA appears to be the secular sister to Giniko Faith, which we featured last holiday season.

For a complete list of Giniko USA channels, visit

You can find Giniko US on the web, Roku, Fire TV, Android for mobile, and Android TV.

And here’s part of a Virginia vs. Duke basketball game from 1979, which ran this morning over TVS Classic Sports on Giniko USA:

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