A ‘Babylon 5’ Xmas

(Above: Bruce Boxleitner, first row, center, with ‘Babylon 5’ cast)

It’ll be a Babylon 5 Christmas on Comet TV.

The channel, which is available free online or via antenna, will host a marathon of the space opera starting at 10 am ET/PT, 9 am CT, 11 am MT on Christmas Day, concluding on December 26 at noon ET.

The event kicks off with the 1993 pilot movie, Babylon 5: The Gathering, followed by select episodes from throughout the series’ five-season (1994 to 1998) run.

The premise: In the year 2257, humans and aliens collaborate onboard a gigantic space station, Babylon 5, which is built as a center for inter-species collaboration. Stories involve political intrigue, racial tensions and various wars.

Here’s the pilot’s introduction:

The show stars Bruce Boxleitner as Captain John Sheridan (seasons two through five), Michael O’Hare as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (first season) and Claudia Christian as Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova. Regular cast members also include Animal House’s Stephen Furst, Taxi’s Jeff Conaway and Lost In Space’s Bill Mumy.

The series was originally produced by the now defunct Prime Time Entertainment Network.

Comet TV also airs two episodes daily. For the latest Comet TV schedule, visit comettv.com or access it on Roku or Apple TV apps.

To watch Comet online, visit comettv.com.

To see if you’re in one of the 100+ markets that can access Comet over the air, via antenna, go to comettv.com and enter your zip code.

Streaming Options

You can stream all five seasons of Babylon 5 with an Amazon Prime subscription; or buy individual episodes for $1.99 from Google Play and other providers.

The pilot, Babylon 5: The Gathering, can be purchased on YouTube for $1.99.


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