Netflix’s Global Trio

What do Pine Gap, an Australian spy thriller; Dogs of Berlin, a German crime drama; and The Hookup Plan, a French romcom, have in common?

They’re all series debuting today on Netflix!

We’ll start with the The Hookup Plan  — because we love the teaser Netflix dropped for it a couple of months back:

You can watch the latest trailer, which also looks good, at Netflix, and then stream all eight episodes if you’re a subscriber. In the series, a couple of Parisian women secretly hire a male escort for a friend following a breakup, “but their plan works a little too well.”

Moving from Paris to the Dogs of Berlin, we find a couple of cops investigating the murder of a famous soccer player, but one of the cops “has underworld connections that mire the case in controversy.”

Netflix subscribers can stream 10 episodes at

If you prefer your foreign dramas sans subtitles, shorter and with some American characters, Pine Gap’s six episodes concern dueling spies at a top secret US-Australian defense facility. But, based on the proven ability of Australian actors to effect American accents (i.e., Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman), we won’t vouch for the authenticity of anyone in the series.

Netflix subscribers can stream the series at

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