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This place could use a little atmosphere.

That’s the Chive Media Group’s pitch for its “OTT ambient TV platform.”

Atmosphere has launched five streaming ambient channels (with more planned) designed to run in the background at home and in retail establishments.

The streamer’s content is for casual, distracted viewing, no listening required, although subscribers can un-mute the audio to play a supporting music track.

The five “family-friendly” channels are Chive TV, Happy TV, Motiv8 TV, Escape TV and Deep Sky TV. They feature inspirational and motivational videos consisting of sweeping landscapes and daring-dos.

Atmosphere streams via Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire.

There is a free version, with ads, for both consumer and business customers. There’s also a $3-per-month, ad-free version for consumers, and a $37/month plan for businesses, which includes access to a dedicated account representative. The goal is to get retailers like restaurants, nail salons, health clubs, and medical offices to buy their own ads to run on the service.

“Businesses instinctually tune their TVs to traditional cable programming that requires audio to be enjoyed, but they’re all muted with closed captions which is a poor customer experience,” said Leo Resig, co-founder and CEO of Chive Media Group. “We knew there was a huge opening to create an alternative content option for TV that was still entertaining, both in retail and at home.”

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