Another CBS Stake-Out

(Above: Tim Meadows in ‘No Activity.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Subscription streaming service CBS All Access will debut a second season of its comedy, No Activity, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22.

The streamer will drop all eight episodes on Thursday, the first time it has released an entire season of any original series at once.

The show centers on Saturday Night Live alum Tim Meadows (Judd Tolbeck) and No Activity co-creator Patrick Brammall (Nick Cullen), as two San Diego Police Department detectives who have spent way too much time together on stake-outs. In season one, their quarry is a drug cartel. In season two, they must catch the bad guys amidst a massive department corruption scandal.

The returning cast includes Amy Sedaris, J.K. Simmons, Jake Johnson, Sunita Mani and Jason Mantzoukas. The second season also features guest appearances by Jessica Alba, Joe Manganiello, and another SNL alum, Nasim Pedrad, among others.

Former SNLer Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are executive producers, with Trent O’Donnell another co-creator.

No Activity is a remake of a 12-episode comedy series of the same name that ran on the Australian streaming service Stan in 2015 and 2016. Indeed, Brammall and O’Donnell were co-creators – and Brammall a star – of that version as well.

CBS All Access offers a $9.99 a month almost commercial-free version, and a $5.99 monthly plan with ads. For more information, visit CBS All Access.

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