Hollywood Sign Girl

(Above: Laura Liguori stars in ‘Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story’)

In 1932, a relatively unknown actress leaped into the headlines by jumping to her death off the Hollywood sign.

Her final days are now fictionalized in Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story, a half-hour film streaming on Amazon Prime.

Executive producer Laura Liguori, who plays the title role, says she conceived the idea for the film as she sat on her balcony looking up at the Hollywood sign — just after losing a part she had expected to get.

Writer/director James Pomichter, who also appears in the film via flashbacks as Peg’s father, says “I wanted to show her as a vulnerable, passionate young woman, one who fell victim to despair as so many others did in that time.”

For another take on the Peg Entwistle story, you can listen to the 1972 Dory Previn song, “Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign,” referring to Entwistle’s stage name, Mary Cecilia Brown.

Here’s a contemporary music video of the song:

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