Unconditional Love

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New York City has more dogs than Cleveland has people, according to the producers of a six-episode docuseries debuting this Friday, November 16 on Netflix.

The show, called simply Dogs, is about humanity’s global love affair with canines. To illustrate the point, Dogs tells stories from Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and the US, with each episode focusing on the unconditional love people feel for their indispensable furry companions:

Episode 1: “The Kid with a Dog”

Corrine, an 11-year old girl who suffers from traumatic seizures, is forever changed when she meets Rory, a dog trained to detect oncoming seizures.

Episode 2: “Bravo, Zeus”

Ayham, who fled war-torn Syria two years ago, desperately seeks to reunite with his best friend, a Siberian Husky named Zeus.

Episode 3: “Ice on the Water”

In a town off Lake Como, Italian fisherman Alessandro relies on his partner, Ice, a 10-year-old Labrador to help with the family business.

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Episode 4: “Scissors Down”

In Japan, dog grooming is something of an obsession. Two renowned dog groomers fly to California to compete in the ultimate dog grooming competition.

Episode 5: “Territorio de Zeguates”

Territorio de Zeguates is a sanctuary deep in the Costa Rican rainforest that houses thousands of stray dogs. How long can the organization sustain without running out of resources?

Episode 6: “Second Chances”

New York City is home to thousands of rescue dogs. This episode follows the adoption ecosystem through the lens of Hearts and Bones, a charity that goes on a mission to rescue dogs from a kill shelter in the south and find them homes in New York. (Incidentally, if you would like to adopt a dog through Hearts and Bones, visit heartsandbonesrescue.com/meet-our-dogs.)

For more information on the series, visit Netflix.

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