Pastor Hires Prostitute

(Above: Kelly Cunningham and Travis Lincoln Cox in ‘The Pastor and the Pro.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

The above title sounds like a New York Post headline. Actually, it’s the plot of a new indie rom-com scheduled to debut Friday, November 9, on Amazon Prime.

In The Pastor and the Pro, a single young pastor needs a date for an important church dinner. So, he hires a prostitute to join him. Soon, he is using their relationship to advance his ministry career, while she makes increasingly outrageous demands. To complicate matters, he’s falling in love with her.

The cast includes Travis Lincoln Cox as the pastor and Kelly Cunningham as the pro.

Matthew Wilson wrote, directed, produced, and edited the film, which is distributed via Amazon’s Prime Video Direct program. Wilson previously won a $100,000 prize from Amazon for his movie The Umpire (2011), also on Amazon Prime.

While free to subscribers, The Pastor and the Pro will also be available to rent for $2.99.

For more, visit Amazon.

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