A ‘My Start Story’ Story

(Above: Cast of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Source: Decades)

Free over-the-air channel Start TV has begun running one-minute shorts focusing on inspirational stories from successful women. Called My Short Stories, they’re being “sprinkled” throughout the day on the channel, which otherwise features reruns of such female-starring dramas as The Closer, The Division and Family Law.

You can also stream My Short Stories at starttv.com/my-start-story. Amidst a dozen videos of sports stars, legal giants and other bona-fide heroes, we were naturally drawn to the story of Treva Silverman, pioneering writer for The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Ironically, because of Start TV, you may no longer be able to sample Silverman’s work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show over the air. That’s because, in several markets, the new women’s focused channel in September replaced Decades, which runs two episodes of the classic sitcom every weekday at 2 pm ET.

For the Decades-deprived, here’s the Silverman-penned second episode, “Today I am A Ma’am,” from 1970:

To see if Start TV, Decades or both are available in your area, and on what channels, visit each channel’s “Where to Watch” page: Start TV here, and Decades here.

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